AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate


Get details for AWS certified SysOps Administrator - Associate and some of its important exam and course points !!

AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate is a course that allows the people to get full knowledge in the technical field based on the management, deployment and various operations field. The AWS platform is generally for the people who are willing to pursue their career in the management field so that they can increase their job perspective.

Besides, if people want to take up this course then they need to register themselves in institutions that provides this certification. After this, candidates will have some classes related to this certification and further they need to give exams to become a totally AWS certified.

Candidate Overview

People who are willing to take exams for being AWS certified should be under certain criteria and then only they’ll be eligible for giving the exams. So, some of the criteria that the candidates should have for the exams for AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate are :

  • People should have at least one year experience in operating the applications of the AWS.
  • Also they should have handful experience in maintaining as well as in running the systems that are used in the AWS certification.
  • People should also have that much knowledge so that they can totally handle all the know hows of the solutions that are made in the AWS certification for the benefit of the people.
  • People should also have the best deployment knowledge as well as capabilities to pursue the best practice to get the AWS certificates.

Exam Overview

On the other hand, people who are sitting for the AWS exams should be well versed with the examination rules and should have the exam overview beforehand so that they don’t get stuck in any kind of confusion. Therefore, some of the important details about the exams are :

  • The examination will have various multiple choice questions.
  • Candidates will get 80 minutes of time to finish their exam papers.
  • The exams of this are available in several languages including Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, English and many more.
  • The registration fee of the exam is 20 USD and the registration amount for the exam is 150 USD.

Aws Certified Sysops Administrator – Associate Cost

Furthermore, these are some of the important things that the candidates should remember before getting the examinations. Candidates should also remember that there is a aws certified sysops administrator – associate cost that the people need to pay so as to get the certification with the complete process. The cost of this certification varies and depends on the institutions from which the candidates are enrolled.

Domain - 1

  • Monitoring and Metrics
  • Demonstrate ability to monitor availability and performance
  • Demonstrate ability to monitor and manage billing and cost optimization processes

Domain - 2

  • High Availability
  • Implement scalability and elasticity based on scenario
  • Ensure level of fault tolerance based on business needs

Domain - 3

  • Analysis
  • Optimize the environment to ensure maximum performance
  • Identify performance bottlenecks and implement remedies
  • Identify potential issues on a given application deployment

Domain - 4

  • Deployment and Provisioning
  • Demonstrate the ability to build the environment to conform with the architected design
  • Demonstrate the ability to provision cloud resources and manage implementation automation

Domain -5

  • Data Management
  • Demonstrate ability to create backups for different services
  • Demonstrate ability to enforce compliance requirements
  • Manage backup and disaster recovery processes

Domain -6

  • Security
  • Implement and manage security policies
  • Ensure data integrity and access controls when using the AWS platform
  • Demonstrate understanding of the shared responsibility model
  • Demonstrate ability to prepare for security assessment use of AWS

Domain -7

  • Networking
  • Demonstrate ability to implement networking features of AWS
  • Demonstrate ability to implement connectivity features of AWS
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